The sea is home to several marine animals that need to be respected. We, as human beings and as a boat tour company, have as our primary objective not only to provide unique moments but also to convey an important message to all those who enjoy water activities or even those who go to the beach frequently.

Therefore, this message goes to all those who understand that sustainable practices not only take care of those who live in the sea but also ensure that all those who enjoy long swims in the sea can make the most of it. Therefore, here are some sustainable actions:

  1. Combating pollution is one of the most important acts. It is crucial to reduce sea pollution, especially the consumption of plastics and chemical pollutants, by adopting more responsible practices that dispose of waste and encourage the use of biodegradable materials.
  2. Sustainable tourism. The promotion of sustainable tourism in marine protected areas, in order to encourage tourists/visitors to respect ecosystems and not disturb marine life, always adhering to environmental codes of conduct.
  3. Preservation of threatened species. It is important to support the preservation of threatened marine species, such as whales, and turtles, among others, through monitoring, research, and habitat protection and reproduction initiatives.
  4. Last but not least, educate and raise awareness. For sustainable actions to be implemented successfully, promoting environmental education and raising awareness among fishermen, divers, sailors and tourists about the importance of marine ecosystems and the need to protect them is crucial.

Ponta da Piedade Tours wants to ensure the health of the oceans and marine ecosystems. We can all enjoy less pollution and healthier. Book your tour now and discover the beauty of Lagos.

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