With summer about to start, it’s time to choose your holiday destination. And, once again, the Algarve is the destination to consider for 2023.

The Algarve Coast is famous for its natural beauty and offers a variety of options. From quiet and isolated beaches to enjoy the sun, to amazing experiences on land or at sea. The Algarve is in the global spotlight as one of Europe’s favorite destinations.

With a wide range of tourist activities, splendid gastronomy, exceptional accommodation, several air connections to Faro Airport from the main European cities, and much more… The welcoming people of the Algarve will make you feel at home. And they will certainly help you to have a wonderful time.

The Algarve on your 2023 vacation?

The Algarve region is sought after for its nature, animal life, and the various mountains that we can visit and appreciate.

Increasingly, tourists are looking to combine the comfort of the city with the tranquility of the countryside and the Algarve is the ideal place for this.

Holidays are made of experiences, and “Bom Dia Boat Trips” is the ideal partner to dazzle you with the wonders of the Algarve. With boat trips along the coast, and visits to the most emblematic caves in the region, and possibly accompanied by dolphins along the way. Certainly a wonderful activity for the whole family.

And, if you want that contact with nature, without ever losing the quality of the city, escaping the more touristy areas, Lagos is the right area.

In Lagos, you can enjoy the balance between nature and the city, whether taking the opportunity to stroll through the vast natural parks or the popular beaches of the region. From Meia Praia to Praia da Dona Ana, with stunning views, crystalline waters, and white sands, which you can explore through Kayak Tours.

With a vibrant nightlife, and a variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy, Lagos also has a rich history and culture. With numerous monuments and ancient ruins to explore, such as the Sagres Fortress or the Church of Santa Maria.

You will be surprised by the gastronomy of the Algarve. With a mix of Mediterranean and African influences, well known for pairing seafood with fresh fish dishes, handcrafted on the Algarve coast.

Viagem de barco às grutas no Algarve. Férias de 2023

Prefer a quiet place to rest?

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get to know nature and wildlife, you can walk along the Penina trails. Or, take a tour of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park. At sea, you can watch dolphins or explore the region’s caves.

With its incredible beaches, rich culture, lively nightlife, and strong natural tourism… It’s easy to see why the Algarve, and especially Lagos, is the perfect tourist destination for your 2023 holidays. Algarve, we are the right partner to make your vacation memorable. As? Through our visits to the bay of lakes, the caves or watching the dolphins. Book your trip with us now!

If you’re in doubt, there’s nothing like our customers’ testimonials on Tripadvisor to help you decide!

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